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How do you use German w question words?

In the German language, the w question words or simply w words (German: W-Fragewörter) include all question words that begin with the letter ‘w’. These words are interrogative pronouns as well as interrogative adverbs. The principle is similar to English grammar, where specific questions start with ‘wh’. Compare the following examples:

  • W question words as interrogative pronouns:
    • wer, was, welcher, welche, welches (who, what, which)
      • Welcher Edelstein ist der wertvollste?“ (What gem is the most valuable?)
      • „Von wem hast du den Ring geschenkt bekommen?“ (Who did you get the ring from?)
      • Was hat sie gesagt?“ (What did she say?)
  • W question words as interrogative adverbs:
    • wo, warum, wie, wann, weshalb, wodurch, womit, wozu (‘where, why, how, when’, etc.)
      • Warum hat die Bäckerei heute geschlossen?“ (Why is the bakery closed today?)
      • Wie lange müssen wir noch warten?“ (How much longer will we have to wait?)
      • „Bis wann kann ich mit Ihrer Entscheidung rechnen?“ (By when can I expect your decision?)

Information: A complete interrogative sentence beginning with one of these question words is called a w question.

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