List of exercises (tricky grammar topics)

(Test your skills in English grammar on tricky topics)

Exercises on tricky grammar topics

Here you will find an overview of exercises about tricky topics in English grammar and their level of difficulty. New quizzes are added continuously, so check back regularly.

List of tricky grammar exercises

Topic with examples 1 2 3 4 5
(a) little & (a) few (use) (little time, a few things, etc.) easy        
also, too, as well (use) (an apple too etc.) easy        
are you?; is he? (question tags) (isn’t it?, don’t you?, etc.) easy easy medium difficult difficult
been & gone (difference) (She has gone away.) easy medium      
do & make (difference) (do homework, make a cake, etc.) easy medium      
have & have got (difference) (we have got two oranges etc.) medium difficult      
in the end & at the end (difference) (at the end of the street etc.) easy        
in time & on time (difference) (he’s always on time etc.) easy        
interesting & interested (difference) (an interesting trip etc.) easy easy      
it’s & its (use) (it’s interesting, its color, etc.) medium medium      
much, many & a lot (use) (much tea, many friends, etc.) easy medium medium    
one & ones (prop-words) (the last one, red ones, etc.) easy        
since & for (use) (since 1995, for 12 months, etc.) medium easy medium difficult difficult
so & such (difference) (so warm, such a nice day, etc.) easy medium      
some & any (use) (some apples, any questions, etc.) medium medium medium    
there is/are (use) (there is, there are, there was, etc.) easy        
to be/get used to … (use) (He is used to getting up early.) easy        
to, too, two (difference) (too small, two trees, etc.) easy medium      
used to … + infinitive (use) (I used to live in London.) easy medium      
what, why, who, … (question words) (who, what, where, etc.) easy medium      

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