Exercise 1: past simple of ‘to be’ (was/were)

(Practise conjugating and using the past simple)

Past simple of ‘to be’ (was/were) – drop-down (difficulty: 1 of 5 – easy)

Choose the correct form of the verb ‘to be’ in the simple past for the gaps.

  • Example: “We were in Sweden last year.”

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished. If you still need help with the topic, have a look at the conjugation & verb forms of the past simple of ‘to be’ again.

  1. I in Paris last week.
  2. We at the beach yesterday.
  3. They good friends.
  4. She at work.
  5. You very hungry.
  6. He quite happy about the present.
  7. My car broken, so I couldn’t go to work.
  8. All the houses in that street white.
  9. Our last holiday a lot of fun.
  10. They not at home when I called.

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