Exercise 3: parts of speech

(Practise finding English parts of speech)

Mixed exercise on parts of speech – drop-down quiz

Difficulty: rather difficult (4 of 5)

Identify the right word type (part of speech or word class) of the selected word in each sentence. You have to distinguish seven different ones. If you need more clarification, look at the explanations with the rules about parts of speech first.

  • Example: “Nick is always borrowing money from me.”preposition

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished.

  1. Do you know those people there? →
  2. Ouch! That was hot. →
  3. Somebody must have left the door open. →
  4. We had a delicious dinner at the new Italian restaurant downtown. →
  5. Don’t hesitate to call me whenever you can. →
  6. Without further ado, the chef presented the exquisite dish to the guests. →
  7. He ran as fast as he could to catch the bus. →
  8. The hardest task was correcting all the mistakes. →
  9. We can repair the garden shed during the summer. →
  10. The film was captivating and kept me on the edge of my seat. →

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