Exercise 1: ‘there is & there are’

(Practise your skills in using ‘there is’ and ‘there are’)

‘there is’ or ‘there are’ – drop-down

Difficulty: rather easy (2 of 5)

Choose the correct expression ‘there is, there are’ or the question forms ‘is there, are there’ from the drop-down list. Follow the rules from the explanation about the use of ‘there is & there are’.

  • Example: “At the moment, there are a lot of flowers in the garden.”

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished.

  1. In the living room, some books on the table.
  2. When you are young, a lot of things you don’t understand.
  3. Kelly, enough time to go to the baker’s?
  4. In Mike’s new office, there is a big desk, a comfortable chair, and a lot of plants too.
  5. Excuse me, a bank around here?
  6. In big cities, usually a lot of traffic.
  7. Look, a hole in your sweater.
  8. Jeremy, any interesting places in your town?
  9. Maybe some lemonade left in the fridge.
  10. Besides kangaroos, a lot of poisonous animals in Australia.

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