Overview of exercises (parts of speech)

(Exercises about the English word classes)

Parts of speech exercises

Here you will find an overview of exercises on the English word classes or categories (parts of speech). New quizzes are added continuously, so check back regularly.

List of topics with exercises on parts of speech

Grammar topic 1 2 3 4 5
Adjectives ending in ‘-ing’ and ‘-ed’ (excited, exciting, etc.) easy medium      
Comparison of adjectives (as … as & more … than) medium medium      
Comparison of adjectives (-er/-est & more/most) medium difficult difficult difficult  
Order of adjectives (nice blue shirt etc.) medium difficult      
Adverbs in English (carefully, slowly, clearly, etc.) easy        
Articles in English (a, an & the) easy medium      
Conjunctions: general aspects (and, yet, so, for, etc.) easy easy medium    
Prepositions of place and direction (in, on, at, down, up, etc.) easy easy      
Prepositions of time (at, before, by, since, after, past, etc.) easy easy medium    
Prepositions of manner (with, without, by, in) easy        
Prepositions connected to verbs (belong to, apply for, listen to, etc.) easy medium      
Personal pronouns in English (I, you, they, we, etc.) easy easy      
Demonstrative pronouns (this, these, that, those) easy        
Relative pronouns in English (who, whose, which, that, whom) easy        
Long and short forms of auxiliary verbs (isn’t, he’d, etc.) easy easy easy    
Present participle – ing form (eating, going, stopping, etc.) easy        
Past participle – ed form (seen, written, gone, talked, etc.) easy medium medium    

Mixed exercises

Topic 1 2 3 4 5
Adjectives and adverbs mixed (fast, carefully, high …) easy medium medium    
Parts of speech mixed (noun, verb, preposition, adverb …) easy medium difficult