Nouns in English

(Appearance and use of nouns in the English language)

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How do nouns appear in English (explanation)?

In general, nouns are words that denote persons, objects, animals, etc. Although this may vary in other languages, nouns are principally written in lower case – exceptions thereof are proper nouns. Furthermore, they can be divided into countable and uncountable nouns. Compare the following details:

  • Regarding their spelling, English nouns are almost always lower case:
    • Some examples of lower case nouns:
      • “Would you like some tea?”
      • “Sue likes Martha’s new dress.”
    • However, there are some exceptions (see English spelling) that do not follow this rule and are therefore capitalized. These include, for example, the names of the months or the days of the week, and proper nouns, such as names of countries or persons, etc.:
      • “I’m going on holiday in November.”
      • “Pierre comes from France. Where do you come from?”
  • In addition, English nouns can be grouped into countable and uncountable nouns:
    • Countable nouns can be counted, that means they can appear with a number, a quantity:
      • “There are eight chairs in the room.”
      • “Mike had three accidents last year.”
    • Uncountable nouns cannot be used in combination with a number:
      • “Could you open the window, please? I need some fresh air.”
      • “Sandra lends Marina some money.”

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