Exercise 1: past simple

(Practise your skills in forming the past simple)

Past simple of regular verbs – cloze test (difficulty: 1 of 5 – easy)

Use the regular verbs in brackets for filling the gaps with the correctly conjugated form in the simple past tense.

  • Example: “My friend ______ me an interesting question.” (ask) → “My friend asked me an interesting question.”

After you have finished, you can check your results with the button below. If something is unclear, look at the use and the conjugation of the past simple again. You can also use the hint button, but note that you will lose points for that.

  1. Yesterday I very hard because we had an important presentation for some new customers. (work)
  2. Unfortunately, I burnt my finger when I the stove. (touch)
  3. Of course you are tired! You and your friends cards until twelve o’clock last night! (play)
  4. When I was a child I once off the roof and broke my leg. (jump)
  5. I everything yesterday so please no complaints! (clean)
  6. Last time my husband it took me two hours to wash the dishes. (cook)
  7. Come on, don’t you want to come over again? Last time you us was four months ago. (visit)
  8. All my colleagues to that radio show yesterday but I thought it was a bit boring. (listen)
  9. Paul is a very nice man. He me with my move last year. (help)
  10. Have you heard? Jane and Noel are getting married. – Yes, I know. Last week, they me to their wedding. (invite)

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