Exercise 2: to, two, too

(Practise differentiating the homophones ‘to, too’, and ‘two’)

‘too, two’, or ‘to’ – drop-down quiz

Difficulty: medium (3 of 5)

Avoid the confusion of the homophones ‘two, too,’ and ‘to’ and select the right word from the drop-down list for each gap.

  • Example: “He is going to have two eggs for breakfast.”

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished. If you need more clarification, read the difference between ‘to, too’, and ‘two’.

  1. The teacher gave us assignments complete by next week. That’s much.
  2. I have attend meetings this afternoon, but I’ll try make it both.
  3. My friend needs give a presentation hundred people tomorrow.
  4. Tom, get the airport, we need take different trains and a bus .
  5. We arrived late. My brother’s car broke down on the highway, and it took us hours get it towed the mechanic.

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