Prepositions of reason and purpose

(Using English prepositions of reason, purpose, cause, etc.)

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Which other prepositions are there in English?

Besides prepositions of place and direction, manner, and time, many others in English can be divided into smaller and more specific subgroups. As with the former, it also applies here that a direct translation from a foreign language into English does mostly not lead to the correct result. Nevertheless, an English learner should try to get a feeling for the use of prepositions based on the examples and understand in which context the particular preposition usually suits.

An overview of some frequently used ones, including example sentences, is given below:

List of prepositions of reason, purpose, cause

English prepositions related to reasons, causes, purposes with examples
English preposition Example sentence
about “That’s an interesting book about animals.”
against “Many people are against the new mayor.”
at “Daniel is very good at maths.”
because of “People are angry because of the high prices.”
by “I recognized him immediately by his deep voice.”
concerning “Sam, the boss wants to talk to you concerning your report.”
due to “The company was sold due to the tense financial situation.”
except “We were all at the party except for my sister.”
following “Following the meeting we’re going out for lunch.”
for “We just did it for fun.”
of “Could I have some more of the cake?”
through “Mike got his job through his uncle.”
versus “London played versus Paris last weekend.”
with “Oscar has an apartment with a beautiful view.”

Further explanations related to the ‘Prepositions of reason, purpose etc.’

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