Exercise 1: difference between ‘do & make’

(Practise differentiating ‘do’ and ‘make’)

‘do’ or ‘make’ – gap-fill (difficulty: 2 of 5 – rather easy)

Choose the suitable verb ‘do’ or ‘make’ from the drop-down list. Consider the rules from the explanation about the difference between ‘do/make’.

  • Example: do a yoga course’

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished.

  1. sports every week
  2. good things regularly
  3. brownies for the guests
  4. a phone call home
  5. housework all day
  6. a lot of money in your job
  7. someone a favour
  8. a hard decision
  9. mistakes in the exam
  10. homework in the afternoon

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