List of exercises (present tenses)

(Test your English grammar skills – present tenses)

Quizzes and exercises on the present tenses

Here you will find an overview of exercises on the present tenses in English grammar and their level of difficulty. New quizzes are added continually, so check back regularly.

Present tense exercises and topics

Topic 1 2 3 4 5
Present simple (I work, you play, he goes, etc.) easy easy easy    
Present simple of ‘to be’ (am, is, are) easy easy      
Short forms of ‘to be’ in the present simple (I’m, you’re, etc.) easy        
Present simple of ‘to have’ (have, has) easy        
Present progressive (he is working etc.) easy easy easy    
Present perfect simple (I have worked etc.) easy        
Present perfect progressive (I have been working etc.) easy easy      
Questions with ‘have … got’ (Has she got a car? etc.) easy        
Questions with ‘do … have’ (Do you have a house? etc.) easy        
Questions with ‘can’ (Can she speak Italian? etc.) easy        
Rule for ‘he, she, it’ (read/reads, go/goes, etc.) easy easy      

Mixed exercises

Mixed topics 1 2 3 4 5
Present simple & present progressive (comparison) medium medium      
Present perfect simple & present perfect progressive (comparison) medium difficult      

Further grammar explanations and exercises

The following explanations and exercises refer to the ‘English present tenses’ and may be helpful as well: