Exercise 2: ‘some & any’

(Practise your skills in using ‘some/any’)

‘some’ or ‘any’ – drop-down (difficulty: 3 of 5 – medium)

Choose ‘some’ or ‘any’ for the gaps, respectively.

  • Example: “Tina has some friends in the USA.”

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished. If you still need help with the topic, have another look at the usage of ‘some & any’ again.

  1. Would you like coffee? – Oh yes, please.
  2. Do our new neighbours have children?
  3. He arrived late because the police stopped him and asked questions.
  4. I’ll go to the supermarket. I need eggs.
  5. I’m moving to your town. Are there good shops you can recommend?
  6. I didn’t know that you invited them, so I didn’t buy sweets.
  7. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  8. In Norway, there are interesting places to visit.
  9. On our trip around the world, we met interesting people.
  10. Do you have time left? I could need help.

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