Weekdays & month names

(Days of the week and months in English)

Table of contents – weekdays and month names

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Particularities and abbreviations of months and weekdays

There is only one particularity in the spelling of weekdays and months in English orthography, which you should be aware of: They are always written with a capital letter. Instead of writing out the months and days of the week, the following abbreviations can be used:

Names of the months

Month name Abbreviation
January Jan
February Feb
March Mar
April Apr
May May*
June June*
July July*
August Aug
September Sept
October Oct
November Nov
December Dec

*No abbreviation, as the words are too short.

Days of the week

Weekday Abbreviation
Monday Mon
Tuesday Tue
Wednesday Wed
Thursday Thu
Friday Fri
Saturday Sat
Sunday Sun

Further explanations relating to the ‘Weekdays and month names’

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