Exercise 1: difference of ‘been & gone’

(Practise your skills in differentiating ‘been’ and ‘gone’)

‘been’ or ‘gone’ – gap fill (difficulty: 2 of 5 – rather easy)

For each sentence, choose the suitable verb from the dropdown list. It is either ‘been’ or ‘gone’. If you have difficulties, pay attention to the rules in the explanation about the difference between ‘been/gone’.

  • Example: “My father has been to Tokyo so many times. He speaks perfect Japanese.”

You can check your results with the button below after you have completed the exercise. You will then see your performance in per cent.

  1. Have you ever to Ireland? – Yes, there are so many sheep.
  2. Have you seen the new film with Harold Linch? – No, I haven’t to the cinema lately.
  3. Where is Mary? I’d like to talk to her. – Oh, she has shopping.
  4. We have already to the baker’s this morning. Have some fresh pretzels.
  5. My colleagues have out for lunch. They should be back in one hour.
  6. My sister has away for some days to think about a job offer in Spain. She’s not sure at all.
  7. I have to five shops but I still haven’t found a good present for my friend.
  8. We’ll ask Neil tomorrow. He has already home.
  9. There’s a call for Sally. – She can’t come. She’s jogging.
  10. Mary and Jason have to South America seven times.

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