Exercise 2: difference between ‘do & make’

(Practise using ‘do’ and ‘make’)

‘do’ or ‘make’ – cloze test (difficulty: 3 of 5 – medium)

Fill the gaps with the correctly conjugated form of the verbs ‘do’ or ‘make’. All possible alternatives are listed above the exercise sentences. Also, follow the rules from the explanation of the difference between ‘do/make’.

  • Example: “Patricia and Justin have ______ a date for next Saturday.” → “Patricia and Justin have made a date for next Saturday.”

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished. You may also use the hint button, but note that you will lose points for that.

   does      doing      done      made      makes      making   
  1. I think my neighbor is a lot of money. He travels all the time.
  2. Today I’ve been so busy. What have you today?
  3. Oh, I’m going to fail the exam. I’ve so many mistakes.
  4. Oscar, do you know what Ruth is at the moment?
  5. Ann is always in a very good shape. She a lot of sports.
  6. Thanks, Carol, for helping me with the document. – Oh, I’ve just a few changes.
  7. Gary, have you your homework yet?
  8. Are you coming with us to the cinema tonight? – No, I’ve already plans.
  9. The new colleague has really a good job today.
  10. Professor Holston usually positive comments about his students.

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