Quiz 2: present perfect simple or continuous

(Practise differentiating the present perfect simple and progressive)

Present perfect simple or continuous mixed (cloze test)

Difficulty: rather difficult (4 of 5)

Fill in the missing verbs to complete the correct form of the present perfect simple or present perfect continuous (progressive). You need either one or two verbs. The quiz focuses on the difference between the present perfect simple and continuous. If you have difficulties, have a look at the explanation again.

  • Example: “How many letters have you ______ today?” (write) → “How many letters have you written today?”

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished. The hint button may help you, but you will lose points for using it.

  1. She has never sushi before. (try)
  2. Look at Tom and the policeman. They have for some time now. (talk)
  3. Where is Margret? – She has to the supermarket. (go)
  4. He has already the new movie. (see)
  5. How often have you the gym this week? (visit)
  6. They have on the presentation all day. (work)
  7. I have just my book. (finish)
  8. Steve has video games for hours. (play)
  9. You have at least eight questions. (ask)
  10. Maria has French for months. (learn)

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