Exercise 1: use of ‘much, many & lots of’

(Practise your skills in using quantifying determiners)

Use of ‘much’ and ‘many’ – drop-down (difficulty: 2 of 5 – rather easy)

Choose the suitable quantifiermuch’ or ‘many’ for the gaps. You need to pay attention to whether the nouns are countable or uncountable.

  • Example: “Are there many books on the shelf?”

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished. If you still need help with the topic, have another look at the explanation and rules for ‘much, many, and lots of’.

  1. Do you have friends here?
  2. I haven’t got time left.
  3. My parents don’t have patience.
  4. Were there people in the swimming pool?
  5. Sally doesn’t drink coffee.
  6. How money have you spent today?
  7. Did Tom meet people when he travelled to South America?
  8. Harold hasn’t got books at home.
  9. My boss doesn’t usually give me information.
  10. How brothers do you have?

Further exercises and explanations related to the ‘Use of ‘much’ and ‘many’

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