Exercise 1: parts of speech

(Practise determining English parts of speech)

Exercise on parts of speech – drop-down (difficulty: 2 of 5 – rather easy)

Select the correct part of speech (word category or class) for the highlighted word in each sentence from the drop-down list. You need to differentiate between adjectives, nouns, verbs, and prepositions. Consider the corresponding rules and explanations of the various parts of speech.

  • Example: “Would you like a cup of coffee?”noun

Check your results with the button below after you have finished.

  1. Sam is playing football. →
  2. My name is Johnathan. →
  3. The girl has brown hair. →
  4. Do you like sports? →
  5. The house at the end of the street is very big. →
  6. The hotel has got a beautiful view of the valley. →
  7. There is a glass on the table. →
  8. We had so much fun at the party. →
  9. The neighbors have a swimming pool in their garden. →
  10. Tom always reads a book before he goes to bed. →

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