Overview of exercises (tenses)

(Exercises on the German verb tenses)

Exercises to practise the tenses

The following list shows the explanations of the different tenses (Tempora) including exercises in the German language. New exercises are added continuously, so check back regularly. The difficulty levels range from ‘easy’ over ‘medium’ to ‘difficult’.

Topics with exercises

Topic 1 2 3 4 5
Präsens (use) (Der Apfel fällt vom Baum.) medium medium      
Präsens (formation) (Die Kinder spielen gerade.) easy easy      
Präsens (modal verbs) (Sie soll Tomaten kaufen.) easy medium      
Perfekt (formation) (Wir sind gestern ausgegangen.) easy easy      
Plusquamperfekt (formation) (Wir hatten lange gewartet.) easy        
Determining the tenses medium difficult      

Further explanations relating to the ‘Exercises about tenses’

The following explanations and exercises refer to the topic ‘Verb tenses in German grammar’ and may be helpful as well: