Pronominal adverbs

(Using German pronominal, prepositional, or pro-adverbs)

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What are pronominal adverbs?

Prepositional or pronominal adverbs are used like pronouns and replace a combination of, for example, preposition + pronoun (e.g. ‘mit was’) in a sentence. They never refer to persons but only to things. Compare their formation and usage:

  • Pronominal adverbs can consist of the following compounds. In some cases, an ‘r’ is additionally inserted when compounding:
    • Adverbwo’ + preposition (durch, nach, her, etc.):
      • Examples: womit, wovon, worauf (with ‘r’), wonach, woher, wodurch, woran, worum
        • „Ich weiß nicht genau, worum es geht.“ (I don’t know exactly what it’s about.)
          • reference to ‘um was’
        • „Wir wissen nicht, woher sie kommt.“ (We don’t know where she comes from.)
          • reference to ‘von wo’
    • Adverbda’ + preposition (auf, zu, rüber, etc.):
      • Examples: darüber, darauf, damit, daran, dazu
        • Damit haben Sie wohl nicht gerechnet?“ (You didn’t expect that, did you?)
          • reference to ‘mit dem’
        • Daran zu glauben wäre Zeitverschwendung.“ (To believe in that would be a waste of time.)
          • reference to ‘an das’
    • Adverbhier’ + preposition (von, durch, mit, etc.):
      • Examples: hiermit, hiervon, hierzu, hierdurch, hiervon
        • Hiervon betroffen sind alle, die bei dieser Schneelage verreisen wollten.“ (This affects everyone who wanted to travel in this snowy weather.)
          • reference to ‘von dem’
        • „Ich kann hierzu nichts mehr sagen.“ (I cannot say anything more about this.)
          • reference to ‘zu dem’
  • Careful: Prepositional adverbs cannot relate to persons:
    • „Marcel ging mit Simone ins Kino.“ (Marcel went to the cinema with Simone.)
    • „Marcel ging mit ihr ins Kino.“ (Marcel went to the cinema with her.)
      • reference to ‘Simone’

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