Exercise 1: prepositions after specific verbs

(Practise your skills in using prepositions connected to verbs)

Prepositions after verbs – drop-down (difficulty: 2 of 5 – rather easy)

Choose the most suitable preposition for the respective verb in each sentence. If you still need help with the topic, have a look at the list of English verbs with prepositions again.

  • Example: “Gary has been waiting for his friend since 2 o’clock.”

You can check your results with the button below after you have finished.

  1. May I ask you some water? – Of course, I’ll get you some.
  2. You’ve got a cool smartphone. – Yes, but it belongs my brother.
  3. I really need to prepare the test tomorrow.
  4. Don’t try to concentrate too many things at the same time.
  5. I’m a bit worried my friend. He’s gone climbing.
  6. Excuse me, are you also waiting a taxi?
  7. I’d like to introduce you my new colleague.
  8. You know, I really want to apply a new job soon.
  9. Have you agreed the colour for your new apartment?
  10. Oliver has been listening the radio for hours.

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